Lindsay Kay Hayward books Grey’s Anatomy

Congratulations to Scope Talent client, Lindsay Kay Hayward, for booking a guest starring role on Grey’s Anatomy!

In the upcoming episode, Lindsay plays a woman who has Marfan’s disease. The woman is 7’2″ tall, but thinks she’s only 6’6″. Lindsay is super-excited to play this role because it will allow her to show off her dramatic talent.

We started working with Lindsay when she was an unknown actor, guiding her every step of the way to help her become established and gain recognition. Through our marketing efforts, she was able to obtain top agency representation and we were directly responsible for getting her get cast on the TLC reality series, My Giant Life, which is now opening up many new opportunities for her. This latest booking on Grey’s Anatomy is a perfect example of how having the right team on your side can propel your acting career to the next level.

Once again, big congrats to Lindsay Kay Hayward!