TMA Code of Ethics

The Talent Managers Association (founded in 1954) is a Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation, an association of professional Talent Managers who have shown themselves to be ethical, knowledgeable, and skilled as talent/artist/literary/music managers and have thus been accepted as such by their peers.

The TMA exists for the benefit of its members, the talent represented by the members and the profession of Talent Management.

The TMA is self-regulating and stands for ethics and integrity in the field of Talent Management. By receiving membership approval in the TMA, a Talent Manager adheres to the established Code of Ethics mutual to the TMA. Membership signifies a skilled professional in the field of Talent Management. In order to maintain and preserve the objectives of the TMA, the Membership agrees to abide by the following Code of Ethics. The violation of this Code may result in disciplinary action by the TMA, under terms and conditions described elsewhere in the TMA Bylaws.

  1. Personal Talent Managers shall be compensated on a commission only basis and no advanced fees or fees of any kind shall be charged to or received from their clients for any other purpose.
  2. With the exception of reimbursement for monies advanced, no fee may be charged or collected at the expense of any signed client by any Personal Talent Manager for the following reasons:
    • Registering or listing Artist on websites or any other publications or listings;
    • Fees for acting classes, coaching, photography/headshots, office expenses, subscriptions or similar activities
    • Fees for publicity, film clips, videos, or any other advance fee;
    • TMA members agree to follow the Krekorian Talent Act where applicable.
  3. Commissions charged shall not exceed 15% of the Artist’s gross income from the areas of film, television, live theatre, publishing, licensing, merchandising, commercials, industrials, live performances, personal appearances and/or any other related fields of the Entertainment Industry, except for the areas covered by the Music and Modeling Industry, in which commissions may not exceed 20% of the Artist’s gross income.
  4. The terms of a Personal Talent Management Contract shall not exceed three years, except in the music field, where the term shall not exceed five years.
  5. No member of the TMA shall knowingly induce or solicit a client to leave another member of the TMA.
  6. No TMA member shall advertise or market themselves as a licensed talent agent.
  7. No member of the TMA shall engage in any fraudulent or felonious activity.
  8. No Member of the TMA shall refuse to represent any Artist on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, age, religion, disability, national origin or sexual preference.
  9. No Member of the TMA shall make false or misleading representations to an Artist or other individual regarding the nature or extent of the ability of a TMA Manager to accomplish career goals.
  10. TMA Members agree to abide by all labor and state laws and permits when working with minors.