Scope Talent Management represents actors, models and performers in Miami. We help you advance your career and get hired for roles in movies, TV shows, commercials and new media.

Unique is Better Than Better

Alexis Forsythe
Scope Talent Client

Developing your personal brand is key to becoming a successful actor. Of course, your acting ability is also important, but we always tell our talent management clients, unique is better than better. Every year, thousands of actors invest time and money improving their acting skills, yet few make it big. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just be a good actor or even a great actor; you also have to be memorable. As your talent manager, we help you develop your unique brand, distinguishing you from generic actors.

The days of actors waiting around for the phone to ring are long gone. Massive action yields massive results, so after you’ve developed your brand, the next step is to promote it with an aggressive marketing campaign. The goal is to capture the attention of casting directors and creative decision makers, so you get auditions and bookings. We can also help you create your own content for distribution on new media platforms.

Our clients have appeared in critically acclaimed films, scripted TV shows, reality shows, and national commercials for companies like TGI Fridays, Domino’s Pizza and Travelocity. Perhaps YOU will be our next big success story.

Outmaneuver the Competition


Acting is intensely competitive and like any business, your success depends on your ability to get noticed. This should be an important consideration when selecting a talent manager. It’s been said that there are only 5,000 working actors in the world. Breaking into this elite group takes more than just good looks and acting talent. You need a team that understands you as an actor, and can help you share your vision, your talent and your brand with the world.

Our talent management company is nimble, aggressive and tech-savvy. We understand actor marketing and have the expertise to help our clients get ahead. Unlike talent agencies, which can have hundreds of clients, we work with just a few select clients, offering more personalized attention than a typical talent agency. However, you may benefit from having both a talent manager and a talent agent. Part of your manager’s job is to help you select the right agent and to make sure your agent provides good representation. Therefore, it’s usually a good idea to find a manager first, then work with your manager to find the right agent.


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Lindsay Kay Hayward
Scope Talent Client

Scope Talent Management represents actors, models and performers, helping them advance their careers and get hired for roles in movies, TV shows, commercials and new media.